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Where Dubai have Top Trading Companies in Arab Region?

Top Trading Companies
Top Trading Companies

Dubai is one of the leading states for trading services not only in Middle East but also in worlds trading sector. According to latest statistics, it is one of the world’s top trading economies. When we see the ranking of Dubai in the local market, it stands at first in the Arabs states and when we compare the trading position of this region ranking 20th globally. Not only this, UAE is also leading the Mena region for trading and online banking services. It is not possible right now to make its comparison for the imports it has been making for so long.  According to the figures that were taken from a report from the World Trade Organization (WTO) which regulates international trade, revealed recently that the imports made by Dubai are almost equal to the Americans trading units. The original document further explained that the UAE covers almost 30 per cent share of the Middle East’s total exports. And this ratio is much higher in comparison to last year. If we talk about the condition of imports almost similar stats are there to observe. In terms of service trade, the country ranked 20th globally due to involvement of top trading companies working in the main region.

Why top trading companies investing so much in Dubai?

There are many reason why top trading corporations and high net worth individuals are choosy while considering market of Dubai. Mainly there are basic reasons for this thing

  1. One is due to powerful and organized trading regulatory system by DED.
  2. Second best trading opportunities in terms of higher profit rate.

First of all, investors should understand the point of DED department. It is one of the leading system which regulates all the trading services in Dubai. Under the banner of local government and with the support of top Dubai banks, it has a strong check on the imports and exports happening daily in the local market of Dubai. This department is actually known as the Dubai Department of Economic Development.  It is also responsible and mainstream government body for issuing all licenses for trade services to multinational corporations or big traders at private level. There are some laws and rules that are specifically applied to all traders. As last year a new law has been issued to clear the way for things operating in free zones or you can say that regions specific for trading to open new branches for business. There is a need for a permission letter for any person or a company, for doing any business activity in these trading zones.

Now if we talk about the opportunities, we have lot of areas where one can invest for the sole purpose of earning profit. For example if you are an expat and live in Dubai, then I think food and restaurant opening is a best option for you. As most of the people in Dubai are visitors or expatriates, they are pretty much interested in exploring the different types if eatables and newly opened hotels. As Chinese food is consider the bestselling food in Dubai. Besides this education sector is also very much important especially for language institutions. The people of Dubai in fact the whole Arab region lacking much in education facilities, so one can open an English language institution. I think it must a good profit earning business for anyone.

How to start a business in Dubai?

For all types of trading services, one need an official bank account, and I suggest you to take the best online current account from Mashreq Bank. It is one of the oldest and most reliable bank in the mid of the city of UAE. Due to its strong strategic relationships with the rest of banking system in the world, it has a strong financial history. Also the digital banking services, you can easily get access to your online services at any time and at any place. Smart phone banking facilities are being provided by Mashreq NEO regards as best and secured way for doing trading or investing. Also bets team of financial advisors provide by the bank help its clients to get maximum solutions for exploring trading opportunities

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